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Random Passage

I had an image of the two of them in my head and had to write it. What can i say? *shrugs* Maybe I'll draw it too, later.


The door to Peter’s apartment unlocked with a soft *snick*. It softly drifted open, and a large figure stepped silently through and shut to door behind him. He walked across the carpet, feet like a cat’s, and stopped at the door to the bedroom. It was slightly ajar, and he could hear someone snoring. He smirked to himself and pushed the door open, stepping across the threshold. Moonlight fell in a strip across the bed, and Logan stopped, surprised. There were definitely two figures in that bed, and his nose told him their identities. Peter and Jubilee.

He walked closer, then stopped and looked down at them. They were curled up together. Jubilee’s head was on the pillow, and she was curled inward, one arm thrown out, exposing her breasts to anyone who cared to look. Her other hand was tangled in Peter’s hair. Peter lay against her, his face smooshed into her shoulder. It was him who was snoring, his nose squished, his mouth open as he exhaled. His arm was draped across her hips, the other arm stuck out at a funny angle behind him. The sheets were twisted around them, the blanket kicked to the floor.

Logan tilted his head, watching them sleep. He wasn’t sure what he thought of it. It didn’t surprise him, not really, once he adjusted to it. He could have predicted it happening even.

Peter snorted and mumbled under his breath, rubbing his face against her, then sighed heavily, relaxing again. Logan chuckled under his breath.

“See you in the daytime, kids,” her murmured, and turned and left the apartment as quietly as he had entered.
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