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My spirit sleeping somewhere cold

“Oh, Rhett!”

Jubilee yawned at the TV on the windowsill, tossing a piece of popcorn in protest. “This movie bites ass.” She was about to decide whether she could be bothered turning it off when there was a pounding at the front door. “Jubilee! Open the door!”

Jubilee jumped off the couch and raced toward the door. “Storm?” She undid the locks quickly, and wrenched the door open. Storm stumbled in, half dragging Logan with her. “Help me!” Jubilee slipped herself under his other arm and he moaned loudly, blood spilling from his lips. Jubilee looked at him. “Wolvie?? Wolvie what happened?”

It was Storm who answered her question. “Sabretooth. It was a set up.” She gave Storm a shocked look. Sabretooth? Somewhere around here? The very thought made her panic a little. If there was anyone she didn’t want to be near, it was him. Storm made a small grunt, shifting his weight. “Jubilee. Let’s just get him to the bed.” Jubilee nodded and pushed the bedroom door open, and the two women dragged him in. he moaned and Storm looked around. “Something solid. Like a plank.” Jubilee frowned and Storm lost her composure a little. “A long piece of wood, Jubilee!” she ran out into the kitchen and tore the small shelf from the wall, sending objects flying. “Here. What-” Storm took it and made Logan move a little so she could slip it under him. “I think his back is broken,” she told the young girl.

Jubilee sunk to her knees beside the bed, looking at him. “Oh Wolvie.”

He forced a smile for her. “Feelin’ fine, kid.”

“Jubilee!” She looked up at the dark women. “I need you to get up here. Keep him still, his back flat. Can you do that?” Jubilee nodded quickly and moved from her spot on the floor, climbing onto the bed and pressing her hands down hard against Logan’s chest. He groaned and she looked at Storm. “Why am I doing this?”

“Because if you don’t, his spine might heal at the wrong angle.”

Logan groaned again and she looked at him. He grabbed her wrist and pressed her hands down more. “Gotta press harder, Jubilation.” She nodded and did her best to press as hard as he was asking her to. She turned to look at Storm. “If-” But the other woman was gone and Logan growled. “Shit. She’s gone after ‘im.”

Jubilee tried to worry about that, tried to care, but all she could do was focus on Logan, her eyes filled with worry for him. He grimaced as she pressed her hands down a little harder. He gave her a lopsided smile. “Don’t you worry ‘bout me, Darlin’”

She sighed and kissed him gently. “I always do.”
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